Why Do We Fail To Lose Weight?

    Why do we fail to lose weight?

    There are many reasons for us to fail in weight loss. First and foremost is the poor choice of weight loss method. You may think all those fad diets and celebrity-endorsed packaged food will help you burn calories, but you are up for failure.

    Most of us try to lose weight for a special occasion or due to humiliation, if only we can focus on healthy living our life would be a lot easy.

    Poor lifestyle choices, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle. Yes, you read that right when was the last time you went to the gym and ate healthy food. The thing is most of us never follow a proper schedule or plan. This is why we fail.

    Now, what can you do to avoid such failure?

    Start Following A Time Table

    Preparedness is what going to help you avoid the failure. You need to prepare your body and mind for weight loss. And then follow the strict discipline. Initial stages are rough, but once you get the groove, you will never look back.

    So, it is imperative that you follow a disciplined way to lose weight.

    Eeating Healthy Food

    You see, we are not asking you to stop eating. Starvation is not the only way to lose weight. What you need to do is to eat the right food. And please don’t fall for the fad dit6es.

    Why do we fail to lose weight?

    When we say healthy food, we mean food that does not include sugary soda drinks or cold coffees and processed food. We know it is impossible to change any habit suddenly. This is why start with sugar. Just completely eliminate the sugar in the first step in second focus on the processed food and then reduce the carbs in the diet.

    When we say reduce the carbs, we are not asking you to stop eating carbs just reduce the carbs and replace carbs with good protein.

    Physical Workout

    You have to do something to burn some calories. Don’t fall for the thermogenic crap where you are burning fat just by eating some spices. Many people fool themselves into thinking, and some pill will help them burn fat.

    Yes, off course there are few pills that can help in burning fat, but they are available on prescription. Rest are just stupid supplements trying to take your money and giving you nothing in return. So, try to stay active and energetic by following a little bit of workout and yoga.

    Avoid Alcohol And Smoking

    You need to avoid alcohol for obvious reasons, it has too many calories, and once you start drinking, there is no way you can check on the fact that you are taking too many extra calories.

    Smoking is also bad for your health. Apart from the fact that it can cause lung cancer and other complication, it is addictive and can be detrimental to your mental health. It makes you dehydrated and can cause mood swings if not taken on time. So, avoid this at any cost.

    Stay Hydrated

    Although there are few studies that claim to help in weight loss if you drink enough water every day. But many are still skeptical. Water is not just for weight loss, but it helps in boosting the metabolism. Yes, this clear, tasteless liquid is going to help us burn extra calories.

    The extra calories burned will help in improving health and fitness. And there are plenty of other benefits of water as well. It keeps your skin clear and will help in the assimilation of nutrients.

    Long Term And Short-Term Goals

    If you are expecting to lose all weight in a few weeks, then you are up for failure. Be realistic with your goals and allow your body to heal and get proper rest. Never hurry for weight loss unless your physician has asked you to do so.

    Why do we fail to lose weight?

    Make gradual changes in your life that lead you to a healthier lifestyle. You will lose weight gradually, and with the transition to a healthier lifestyle, you will not regain the weight so easily. This is why we believe that setting realistic goals for weight loss is necessary.

    Get Proper Rest

    Yes, if you are not allowing your body to get proper rest, then you are going to gain extra weight. It is natural, and there is nothing that you can do about it. So, try to rest and allow the body to heal.

    Consult With Doctor

    If you are sure that you gained weight due to lifestyle, then it is fine otherwise get an opinion from a doctor to check if you are not suffering from any hormonal imbalance or any other medical condition. Sometimes we overlook the medical causes and never lose weight.In the end, we will say that losing weight can be tough, but you need to have the confidence and desire to live a healthy, happy life to get the best results.

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